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abstract painte

Throughout my childhood, I discovered the gateway to a vibrant world in the coastal town of Bodrum, situated along the shores of the Aegean Sea. Intuitively, I immersed myself in the realm of art, cementing my connection to the world of creativity by winning awards in painting competitions throughout my formative years.

Driven by a passion for creation, I embarked on a career in architecture, initially. However, eventually, I broke free from the constraints of architectural norms and standard drawing techniques, surrendering to the boundless possibilities of the canvas. Departing from the rigid language of conventional architecture, I embraced a fluid and childlike touch, aiming to achieve a hybrid narrative style that seamlessly melds with dreams. Utilizing acrylics, pastels, chalk, and markers, I continue to explore and manifest an eclectic artistic language across canvases of various dimensions.


Presently, I reside in Barcelona, where I endeavor to produce works of art that carry the colorful imprints of my childhood experiences from the opposite shore of the Mediterranean. Drawing inspiration from the sea, my intention is to depict the salty texture of the Mediterranean and the unique patterns of the Aegean, as well as the surprising compositions of the Anatolian Peninsula and the Iberian Peninsula on my canvases.


By merging my artistry with the enchanting world of the sea and earth, I weave my dreams onto vibrant canvases. I cordially invite viewers on a journey imbued with the warmth of summer breezes and the invigorating salinity of the sea, all through the lens of my architectural and artistic background.


// chantier art gallery

     abril 2024, barcelona, spain 

     Chantier Art Galley


​I participated in the group exhibition of the opening of the Chantier Art Gallery in the Sarria neighborhood. You can visit some of my works in April and May. 

// diálogo

     january 2024, barcelona, spain 

     Studio Avenir


​I have been invited to the group exhibition 'Dialogo' at an art workshop in the Gracia neighborhood. You can visit some of my works at Studio Avenir in January. 

// exhibition world peace forum 2023

    november 2023, barcelona, spain 

    World Peace Forum


​I have been invited to the group exhibition 'RCA Artists: Cellos for Peace' at a venue de World Peace Forum 15 edition settled in Barcelona. 

//sitges i mar

   october- december 2023, barcelona, spain  

   Reial Circulo Artistico Barcelona


​The works of the splendid artists brought into the art world of Barcelona by Rial Circle Artistic are adding a unique ambiance to the event. The Sitges-themed paintings, capturing the enchanting union of the sea and nature, are captivating me, transporting me to another world. The exhibition is bringing together the vibrant culture of Barcelona and the soothing atmosphere of the sea, taking art and nature enthusiasts on a mesmerizing journey..

//extrems of mediterrenian

   august- september 2023, sitges, spain 

  Club Nautic Sitges 

​"On August 2 exhibition opens at the Club Nàutic in Sitges, the result of the collaboration of the Club Nàutic with the Real Cercle Artístic de Barcelona, ​​where the work of the artists Orçun Girgin and Joan will be shown. Capella. This exhibition will remain open until September 30.


Orçun Girgin is a young architect and abstract artist, who hails from Bodrum, Turkey. Winner of several painting prizes in his hometown. Use acrylics, pastels, plaster and markers to create a vibrant and eclectic fusion. He exhibited at the "Komünite Bodrum", among other spaces. And now lives in Barcelona. His art, inspired by the sea, invites viewers on a journey filled with warm summer breezes and the refreshing salinity of the sea.


Joan Capella, a person closely linked to art, both for his professional and management side, as Vice-President of the Real Cercle Artístic, as well as for his abstract expressionist painter, with a large number of exhibitions. Now presenting a proposal full of colour, Mediterranean, also inspired by the sea, the perfect meeting point for a Turkish painter and a Catalan painter, in an incomparable setting like the Club Nàutic de Sitges."

// holiday feelings

    june 2023, bodrum, turkey 

    Hey Joe Bodrum


My first solo exhibition is about being on vacation, breaking the routine of life with a feeling of freedom and finding the lost and the exciting.

//stories of aegean sea

   2022, bodrum, turkey

   Komunite Bodrum


"An exhibition supported by Komunite Bodrum.  The works exhibited are which I started to create during the pandemic process .


It consists of my works with the themes of Aegean sea, sun, loneliness and happiness. 

Collaboration with young artists from Bodrum in an initiative called "Komünite Bodrum," where he organized exhibitions as both an architect and an artist. He also exhibited his art to support local businesses in Bodrum. 2022"

press & media

fotos of exhibition

Local media company of the city of Sitges.

L'Eco de Sitges,  august 2023

interview of exhibition

Local weekly newspaper of Sitges City.

fotos of exhibition

Local media company of the city of Sitges.

exhibition promotion

Local media company of the city of Sitges.

new collaboration

Gram Wilhelm is a Barcelona based Art Company .

exhibition news

Gram Wilhelm is a Barcelona based Art Company .

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