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current exhibition en sitges


extrems of mediterrenian
august 2023
sitges, spain

Exhibition at Club Nàutic Sitges by Orçun Girgin and Joan Capella, from August 2 to September 30 2023.


On August 2 at 7:00 p.m., a new painting exhibition opens at the Club Nàutic in Sitges, the result of the collaboration of the Club Nàutic with the Real Cercle Artístic de Barcelona, ​​where the work of the artists Orçun Girgin and Joan will be shown. Capella. This exhibition will remain open until September 30.


Orçun Girgin is a young architect and abstract artist, who hails from Bodrum, Turkey. Winner of several painting prizes in his hometown. Use acrylics, pastels, plaster and markers to create a vibrant and eclectic fusion. He exhibited at the "Komünite Bodrum", among other spaces. And now lives in Barcelona. His art, inspired by the sea, invites viewers on a journey filled with warm summer breezes and the refreshing salinity of the sea.


Joan Capella, a person closely linked to art, both for his professional and management side, as Vice-President of the Real Cercle Artístic, as well as for his abstract expressionist painter, with a large number of exhibitions. Now presenting a proposal full of colour, Mediterranean, also inspired by the sea, the perfect meeting point for a Turkish painter and a Catalan painter, in an incomparable setting like the Club Nàutic de Sitges”.


past exhibitions

stories of egeo
bodrum, turkey

An exhibition supported by Komunite Bodrum.  The works exhibited are which I started to create during the pandemic process .


It consists of my works with the themes of Aegean sea, sun, loneliness and happiness.

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